Get Involved

Whether we know it or not, there is someone close to all of us who probably needs our help right now. There’s also a close member of our community we may not have met yet, who is ready to either give or receive. It’s easy to help with a donation of your time, goods or money, and absolutely everyone has something to offer. We are grateful for all assistance, and nothing is too small.

Being a volunteer is a great leveller, it’s a reminder of life’s frailties, that we are are all different but essentially the same, and of how many good and kind people are around.

Tess, volunteer


There are people in your community who need human connection, understanding, validation and support, which we are driven to provide. Your financial support enables us to persist in this effort and contributes to a community you can be proud of.


We have over 100 incredible volunteers available and willing to give their time to serve the community and have an impact on individuals’ lives. Contact us now to find out how your unique skills and experiences could benefit the community.

Corporate Philanthropy

We love to have conversations about a potential collaboration. Let’s find out ways that could be mutually beneficial. We already do a lot with our partner organisations. If you have a creative idea on how we can work together, we’re keen to hear it! Please get in touch with our CEO here.

Have a Lasting Impact

You may consider including a financial contribution in your will which will have a lasting impact on your Northern Beaches community. Please get in touch with our CEO here.

Become a Member

For $20 per year you can have the opportunity to show your support and help inform our organisation.

Click the link to complete an application form.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about us. You can also make an impact by becoming an active advocate about Community Northern Beaches. Consider giving us a like or follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, or sharing our posts and upcoming fundraising events.