Client Stories

Our clients heart rendering stories tell us about the pain and fear of isolation, but also of the power of community connection to help get on the path to recovery and greater independence.

Anna's Story

Anna experiences severe impacts of schizophrenia and is highly cautious about interacting with people and accepting help. She was unaware of how hazardous her circumstances were. For example, Anna was pathologically paranoid about accessing and accepting financial support from Centrelink resulting in her being without an income for years and becoming severely malnourished. Her mental illness also caused extreme isolation and long-term homelessness. The most concerning factors were that she had no awareness of or insight into her illness and its impacts. The support she received from CNB needed to strike the right balance of urgency and gentleness in approach. Trust was established by working with Anna over a significant period of time, as she was initially resistant to any support and didn’t believe she required assistance.


Samatha’s Story

20-year-old Samantha was experiencing family violence on the Gold Coast. Her mother was verbally and psychologically abusive, and when this escalated into physical violence, she fled the family home and slept rough for a month. She had a contact who offered her a place to stay in Manly, so she travelled down by train, hoping for a new beginning.

However, she soon discovered they intended to groom her into sex work. The house was excessively dangerous, with unsavoury characters and drug paraphernalia present, and there was no lock on the front door. Her greatest desire at this point was for safety but was so exhausted and feeling very lost that she had little capacity to work out what to do next.

'Beyond the Gloves' Story

One testimonial from a student “I love coming to boxing because it’s fun; we work out and talk about emotions and how to deal with some negative emotions and thoughts.

“Georgie is a great, fun, encouraging person. I can relate to her, and she can relate to us, which is comforting. We always get to talk, which helps us gain confidence and happiness in who we are. Since meeting Georgie and coming to boxing, I have been able to control my emotions more and not get sad at small things or things that aren’t worth getting upset about.

“She has helped me with my diet, exercise, feeling confident in my body and helped me through tough things to do with family and friendships.”