Georgie’s 24 Hour “Walk for the Beaches”

On the 10th of July Georgie Leigh Furze will be walking for 24 consecutive hours to raise money for @communitynorthernbeaches . Here’s what Georgie has to say:


“My name is Georgie Furze I am 27 years old from Manly . On Friday 10th July 2020 at 6pm I am going to walk for 24 consecutive hours to raise money for people struggling within The Northern Beaches Community and also for Mental health. Donations will be split between the two.

It has broken my heart to see so many businesses suffer due to this virus and mental health is something that I have always felt really strongly about. I want to do something for the community. My biggest passion In life is helping people, caring for others and fitness – If I’m not walking the beach, you will usually find me at the gym.

Any amount no matter how small will make a huge difference and help me get to my goal. I also have 24 , 1 hour time slots available (sponsor me) I will be walking with 24 different people, these people will walk with me for 1 hour – share their story, maybe they just might be there to support me or maybe this person will want to promote their small business that is now struggling due to the virus. These 24 interviews will all be filmed via GoPro and live streamed. This money is going to change lives and save lives, I can’t do it alone – I need your help. Please support me on my 24 hour walk for The Beaches Community & help me save those in need. Please help me Change a life & Save a life.”

Click on the buttom below to go to Georgie’s Go Fund Me Page to find out more about how you can donate;

‘Love Bites’ helps Young People Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence

‘Love Bites’ is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program. The program comes at no cost to schools or students. ‘Love Bites’ is based on best practice standards for education programs as recommended by the Federal Government funded Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse and other leading academics in the area of violence against women.

Community Northern Beaches staff; Jan Schatz, Anona Le Page, Daniel Peterson and Tina Hicks, all facilitated the ‘Love Bites’ Respectful Relationship Program to the year 10 Cohort (150 students) at The Forest High School last month with 7 other facilitators from local service providers.

Young people have an important role to play in breaking cycles of violence. By challenging the sexist attitudes and behaviours of young people, and promoting respectful relationships, we can stop the violence before it starts.

Love Bites’ is facilitated throughout NSW by local service providers such as sexual assault workers, domestic violence workers, youth workers and police liaison officers.

‘Love Bites’ program consists of two interactive education workshops on Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault and Consent followed by creative workshops that consolidate the information from the morning. These workshops fit within the PDHPE curriculum in NSW.

Community Northern Beaches staff are looking forward to our next facilitation coming up at the end of this month at Killarney High.

Forest Rugby Club Gives Big to Community Northern Beaches!


The Forest Rugby Club Charity day was a terrific success both on and off the field. On the field, Forest’s results on the day, including the all important first grade, saw them win promotion to the Kentwell Cup for season 2020. A number of teams are competing in the upcoming finals series and Community Northern Beaches wishes them all the best. Go Forest!

Off the field a ‘mad’ auction of the specially designed Charity Day jersey saw over $20,000 raised! No doubt the euphoria of the Wallabies beating the All Blacks, coupled with ample celebratory liquid amber
contributed to the success of the bidding. In addition a further $4000 was raised from a raffle conducted at the ground, and a further $670 in sponsorship was contributed from player Carl Kilbourne, who dragged his body along the City to Surf route the following day.

A framed Forest Charity Day jersey now sits proudly at Community Northern Beaches’ Centre in Manly. We would like to thank Forest Rugby for its continuing initiatives to support community organisations such as ours, which have raised well in excess of $100,000 over the last few years. As a community rugby club their efforts are truly inspiring.

For some, what happens behind closed doors is often a very different reality.


Suzanne has a beautiful house, gorgeous children going to the right schools, paid for by the charming husband who everyone likes. Their marriage is the envy of all their friends. The publicly attentive and loving husband. However, behind closed doors it is a different story….

The husband likes rough sex, really rough sex. No-one sees the marks around Suzanne’s neck she hides with beautiful scarves or understands why she never wears shorts or sleeveless clothing.

Suzanne does not know she has a choice to leave. She does not know that this behaviour has a name She does not know that she has a right to a life with healthy interaction and mutual respect. She does not know that she has the right to choose who her friends are, and when she can see them.

Suzanne does not know she has the right to know how much her husband earns, with transparency and access to their financial affairs. She does not know how much longer she can do this or how she can leave. She is too ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone. What would their friends think? She must be crazy to leave such a wonderful life.

If you or someone you know can see a little or a lot of their personal story in Suzanne’s, Community Northern Beaches is here to help. The name for this behaviour is abuse and Community Northern Beaches’ team of qualified professionals are here to help people such as Suzanne rebuild their lives and learn that they deserve only healthy relationships. We understand that the journey will not be an easy one, but we will be there every step of the way.

If you would like to know more, please drop into our centre Mon-Fri 10am-3pm or call us on 9977 1066.

Click on this image for more information regarding our Domestic and Family Violence Service:

Look beyond the labels and truly see the person…

We recently asked Daniel Peterson, Manager Homeless Services at Community Northern Beaches, how important social inclusion is. His answer is based on his daily experiences, interacting and supporting those experiencing homelessness on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


“We have a long way to go in our society to dismantle the stigmas associated with mental health issues, homelessness, domestic violence, gambling addictions and substance use disorders (and the list goes on).

Until we can collectively see beyond those labels and see the person and their unique value and worthiness of love and belonging, then we will continue to see people falling through the cracks into social isolation. It’s not enough to have good will towards people and to just agree with the above statement, we need to proactively find ways to undo the internalised shame and feelings of unworthiness that people have taken on, and experience daily as a result of these stigmas. Social inclusion, to me, is about telling people face-to-face that they are worthy of love and belonging. This also needs to be followed up by actions; acts of service and the giving of our most precious commodity: quality time.

The question then, that we need to ask ourselves on a regular basis is: who can I personally share these statements and acts of love and belonging with? If that seems daunting, don’t worry, the more you begin to do this, the less scary and more natural it becomes. Then, I guarantee that you will experience it as a privilege to have someone open their heart to you.”

Northern Beaches DV & Zonta Northern Beaches Annual Breakfast 2018

The 2018 Annual Northern Beaches DV Network and Zonta Northern Beaches Breakfast was held on White Ribbon Day, 23 November, at the The International Management College, Manly. It was wonderful to see over 150 attendees from the local community come together to help stand up and speak out against violence against women.

It was particularly great to see support from Manly Police Station, Manly & Warringah Rugby Clubs, as well as students from local high schools. All of these organisations are in a position to influence the future and help towards solving this terrible problem.

Community Northern Beaches staff pictured with members of Manly Police and Guest Speaker, Jen Armstrong (far right)

Community Northern Beaches staff pictured with members of Manly Police and Guest Speaker, Jen Armstrong (far right)

Guest Speaker, Jen Armstrong is a strong, educated working mother of three who is also a Domestic Violence Survivor. It was an honour to hear her speak. Jen told us how social workers and police officers helped her walk away from an abusive relationship and rebuild a healthy life for her and her children. Jen rebuilt her life to complete her university education, establish the The Beauty Bank, establish a career in sports management and to become 2016 NSW Woman of the Year.

We also had the honour of Guest Speaker Lisa McAdams sharing her experiences as a Domestic Violence Survivor. Unfortunately Lisa was kept in Melbourne due to extreme weather conditions so was forced to live stream, but it did not stop the emotion felt in the room as Lisa shared her story. Lisa is a strategist, solutions consultant and author of the book “Domestic Violence – Changing Cultures, Saving Lives”.

Thanks to Zonta for organising the raffle and to the local woman who generously donated a day on the harbour for live auction. Well over $2000 was raised and will be used towards the “Love Bites” programme run in local high schools by Community Northern Beaches.

There were 72 candles lit in tribute to the 72 women who have lost their lives as a result of domestic violence and there was a call for all of us to stand up and speak out to our politicians to change laws and to our friends and communities to change attitudes so that this number does not continue to grow.

Community Spotlight on Anona Le Page (Nonnie)

Anona Le Page (Nonnie) is the Welfare and Domestic Violence Worker at Community Northern Beaches (CNB) . Nonnie has occupied this role for 6 years, and works closely with external and internal services to provide help and support for individuals whom have experienced domestic and family violence.

Nonnie’s job varies immensely, no situation is the same, some cases are more traumatic and complex than others, but they are all require urgent support.


“On one extreme I receive phone calls from women feeling they are in an unhappy marriage, but are unsure if their situation is identified as domestic violence to the other extreme – receiving a call from a women at Woolworths borrowing someone’s phone, who needed to be picked up as she had fled the house in her bathrobe.’”

Every client has a different and unique story, and requires an individual support plan to meet their specific needs. Nonnie provides face-to-face assistance, and also refers to external counselling and legal services.

Before working for Community Northern Beaches, Nonnie worked for several years in Cape Cod USA as a Case Manager for an organisation called Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) . This organisation delivered over 20 programs ranging from drug and alcohol rehabilitation, homeless shelters, crisis accommodation and home weatherisation for the tough winters there. Nonnie has been committed to working with people who need support for many years and has not lost compassion or motivation, appreciating the human connection that is developed with clients.

The statistics around domestic and family violence in Australia are alarming. Violence can take many forms such as sexual, emotional, financial, physical and psychological abuse. “The effects that psychological abuse can have on the victim can be just as damaging and traumatising for survivors as physical violence can be, sometimes more so.” says Nonnie.

With only one domestic and family violence worker at Community Northern Beaches, Nonnie is constantly busy. She admits it’s sometimes hard to shut off from her work, as she goes home she is often left wondering about the women who she has seen and helped that week. Nonnie states that one of the best parts of her job is when someone is able to escape a crisis situation and contact her to let her know they’re ok.

“I received a text last Sunday around 6am from a client who told me she’d escaped to a safe place with her children. She was texting to tell me that she had made it and was safe and unpacking. It gave me goose bumps, it honestly made my day.”

Looking forward to the future Nonnie says the centre needs better free legal representation for survivors of domestic and family violence. Many domestic and family violence survivors don’t qualify for free legal services as their name can be legally tied to financial documents, even though they have no access to that money or assets. “Even just five hours of free legal services to these women would help them navigate what is a very overwhelming process.”

Community Northern Beaches also offers a support program called ‘Building Blocks’ which is designed for women in the process of, or who have recently left, situations of domestic and family violence. The workshop is run 4 times per year and runs for approximately 6 weeks, free of charge. For more information on this workshop, or to access any of our services please call 9977 1066.

If this article or any issues surrounding domestic and family violence has resonated with you, or you think that the information could be beneficial to someone you know, please share.

Our door is open and support is always available from Monday- Friday, 10am-3pm at 12 Wentworth St Manly.

Click below to find out more about Community Northern Beaches services

Community Northern Beaches Annual General Meeting 2018

On Friday 12 October 2018, Community Northern Beaches held their 2018 Annual General Meeting. A warm and friendly atmosphere prevailed as those who care about the organisation came together to cover official business, thank some of the organisations and people who have supported them during the past year and elect the Management Committee for the year ahead.

Adele Heasman, now President of Community Northern Beaches opened the meeting by welcoming honoured guests including James Griffin, MP, Mayor Michael Regan, new CEO of Northern Beaches Council; Ray Brownlee, Councillors and staff of Northern Beaches Council; Cr. Sue Heins, Cr. Pat Daley, Cr. Candy Bingham, Cr. Kyle Ferguson, Kylie Walshe, Rob Van Den Blink, Sandra Faase and Will Wrathall, Michelle Erofeyeff of FACS, former Patron and Mayor of Manly Council; Jean Hay, CEO of Royal Far west; Lyndsay Cane, Peter Jackson; Hall Jackson P/L, Sally Cornelius, and representatives from St. Matthews Church, Manly Congregational Church, Easylink Transport, Every Little Bit Helps, CatholicCare, Link Housing, Legal Aid; Ross Tomlin, Carmel McCarney (Sisterhood Clontarf), our CNB staff and volunteers, and members of the Management Committee. Adele then acknowledged the traditional owners of the land (Cammeraygal peoples) and paid respect to Elders past and present.

Adele Heasman, President with John Kelly, Manager

Adele Heasman, President with John Kelly, Manager

Adele proceeded to highlight the significant achievements of Community Northern Beaches over the last financial year, including the granting of DGR and PBI status to the organisation, and the expansion of services provided to the Northern Beaches’ community through increased partnerships with other service providers.

Adele focussed on the urgent requirement for more suitable accommodation to enable the organisation to increase service delivery to the Northern Beaches’ community and maintain the dignity of clients and community members who access our services and facility. Adele acknowledged the tireless work and dedication of all involved in the successful management and daily operation of the centre, especially during a period of significant change and improvement.

James Griffin MP, and patron for Community Northern Beaches, presented a passionate advocacy for the work of the organisation in the community. He outlined how the work that is undertaken with the marginalised in the Northern Beaches community focussed him on why he had made the decision to stand for office and advocate on behalf of all.

Treasurer Mr. Bill Barnes gave thanks on behalf of the Management Committee to the Auditor, Peter Jackson from Hall Jackson Pty. Ltd., for his assistance with the financials throughout the year.

Bill acknowledged our funders; FACS, SSI and Northern Beaches Council, for their confidence in and support of Community Northern Beaches. He also acknowledged that the Venue Hire income had increased and formed a key part of overall revenue. Bill concluded by stating that Community Northern Beaches is in a sound financial position, meeting all financial requirements, and with significant reserves in the bank.

John O’Connor, Public Officer, declared all positions vacant and invited nominations for the Executive and Management Committee Members. The following Members were elected unopposed:

Executive: President: Adele Heasman, Vice President: Mary Nelson,Treasurer: Bill Barnes, Secretary: Caroline Pearce
Management: Paula James, Kandy Tagg, Peter Wood

Community & Volunteer Awards:

John Kelly presented the following Community Service Awards to those identified as making a difference in the Community and the lives of others;

Michael & Rosalind Cockett – Manly Congregational Church for donating sandwiches every Monday over many years for the homeless

Blackmores – for donating Christmas hampers each year for distribution to individuals and families in need

Manly Library – for donating toys each Christmas to the children of our clients

Care Essentials – for providing basic necessities for the homeless and needy

Yousef Elafifi – who collects bread and other food items from Aldi and bakeries to assist us in feeding the homeless and needy

St Matthews Church Manly – ongoing support and assistance.

Carmel McCarneyThe Sisterhood Clontarf – contributions of volunteer work, fundraising and community awareness raising.

Volunteer Awards;

Caroline Pearce – reception volunteer and member of the Management Committee
Nora Takats – 9 years continuous volunteer service and JP
Cathie McNabb – volunteer on reception and special projects
Julia Denne – volunteer on reception and worked for four years with CNB’s multicultural program supporting migrants and refugees
Lynda Stokes – for many years has organised CNB’s OzHarvest support for the homeless and needy conducted each Wednesday

Thank you to all those who attended and continue to show support for Community Northern Beaches.

Daniel Peterson- Westfield Local Heroes Program

We are thrilled to announce that Daniel Peterson, our wonderful Homeless Outreach Worker, is 1 of 6 finalists in the Westfield Local Heroes program for his work in promoting social well-being and harmony in our community.

daniel .png

The grant will be put towards supporting the immediate and practical needs of people sleeping rough in the Northern Beaches.

It’s all down to a public vote now, and voting closes very shortly! 3 out of the 6 organisations will be awarded $10,000 each. So, the more votes that Daniel receives, the more chance we have of being awarded much needed funding.

Please follow the link below to place your vote. It’s really quick and easy:

Select: NSW > Westfield Warringah Mall > Daniel Peterson…/3JgnzOhu…/local-heroes-voting

Go Daniel!