Partner Services

The following services are available at the centre and are provided by partner organisations and contributors. These include counselling, legal aid, tenancy advice, Centrelink outreach and more:



We have a team of counsellors including Odyssey House drug and alcohol counselling. Available either for free, bulk billed or a reduced fee. Make an inquiry today.

Legal AId - Family Law Early Intervention Unit

Free and confidential legal advice

Legal Aid solicitors can help you with:

  • What to do when you separate
  • Sorting out where children live and time they spend with other family members
  • Support and legal advice with regard to family violence
  • Making the most of family law mediation services
  • Cases involving your children and FACS
  • Child support matters
  • Linking you to other services

There is no means or merit test.

Consultation by appointment and held weekly on Tuesdays.

For an appointment call 1800 551 589

Tenancy Advice

Info coming soon...

Centrelink Outreach

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Odyssey House

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