'Love Bites' Program

'Love Bites' is a Respectful Relationships program designed by NAPCAN (National Association for the prevention of child abuse and neglect) specifically for young people aged 15-17 years.  

The program began on the Mid North Coast of NSW in 2003 in response to concerns by teachers at a local high school that their young students appeared to be becoming involved in abusive and unhealthy relationships. Since then 'Love Bites' has reached many young people across Australia, and on the Central Coast and in South Sydney it is run in most high schools for Years 9 or 10 students. 

The program focuses on Relationships, Love and Control and has modules such as:

- Gender expectations and relationships

- Responding to jealous feelings

- Love and control

- Warning signs of a controlling/abusive relationship

- Supporting friends

- Seeking help

- Breaking up with respect

- Sexual Assault/Consent/Active By Standing

Some of our Community Northern Beaches staff members-Daniel, Anona and Jan attended the Love Bites facilitators training program recently and are now ready to take the program into high schools across the northern Beaches. Watch this space