Our Multicultural Service is ​a member of NSW Settlement Partnership,  ​designed to assist migrants and refugees with transitioning into life ​in Australia as easily as possible, particularly in their first five years of settlement​.​

We can assist new arriving migrants and refugees in many areas, including:

  • Case Management
  • English learning services
  • Apply for and access government, health, and financial services
  • Connect with education providers and assist with course applications 
  • Assist with seeking suitable employment, employment-related education and job applications
  • Learn to drive using a CNB car and with the assistance of volunteers
  • Learn to swim​ program​ 
  • Homework Club for children with English as their second language
  • Tax Help​ Services​
  • Social and community program​s​
  • Referrals to specialist services as needed: Legal, Immigration, Health etc
  • Citizenship test preparation​ assistance​
  • Material aid
  • Free computer and internet usage

​My Settlement Journey​, Stepping into a New World

My Settlement Journey is a collection of personal stories of settlement on the Northern Beaches. Storytellers from Tibet, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, Sicily, and South America met with volunteer writers from the local community to share their stories about how they overcame the challenges of settling into a new country. Read stories here

A Journey From Tibet To Australia

Download a free PDF book documenting the incredible journey of one man from Tibet to Australia that was produced by the Multicultural Service at Community Northern Beaches.

ESL Conversation Project

English as a Second Language (ESL) program involves a volunteer being matched with a local migrant or refugee with the aim of them meeting once per week in a public place to participate in an everyday situation such as having a coffee or shopping. The goal of this program is simply to ensure new migrants have enough conversational English to feel confident in everyday situations, and job interviews and be able to follow instructions when offered a position. Participants on both sides of this program find the experience of connecting with one another rewarding. If you are interested in learning more, or you would like to volunteer as an ESL mentor, please contact us.